1. Our commitment

1.1. Run-paid work in the stipulated time.

1.2. Maintain confidentiality of the client and information about his order.

1.3. Provide a report on the work performed (screenshot sites).

1.4. We work on the fact of change counters at the order the project.

1.5. Provide free consultation to carry out orders.

1.6. To refund unspent funds – in the form of our services or funds (item 3.3).

2. Obligations of the customer:

2.1. Pre-pay the order of 100% or by agreement with the administration.

2.2. Provide the points during the work for the implementation of the order.

3. Financial issues:

3.1. Check begin to perform after payment or by agreement with the administration.

3.2. If the customer has paid for the service, and then abandoned her performance, the money is not returned.

3.3. If we have difficulties in carrying out your order, we will refund you the money not spent (if carried out at least 20% of the ordered work).

Terms of Use:

1. We and our performers do not accept any responsibility for the use of the services of our customer service for the purpose of any fraudulent manipulation, violating the law of the Russian Federation or other countries. If any such evidence, we reserve the right to cancel the transaction without our refund.

2. Ordering our services, you agree to these rules and the information placed on the site.

3. In case of dispute, the question is decided in favor of the artist.

1. What are the delivery times?

1. Usually the first voices begin to appear within 5 minutes – 1 hour after receipt of your order (the order must be paid). Implementation of the whole order of time depends on your type of voting and number of votes that you ordered. Voting with a simple registration on the site where the contest is 500 – 20000+ votes per day without registering or through social network about 1000 – 50000+ votes per day. Voting takes place smoothly throughout the day, it looks natural and does not attract attention.

2. Can I be disqualified for a cheat?

2. Just want to say that our assistance does not carry anything illegal. For you are voting by people. We do not use different types of hacking contests and polls. All our actions are transparent.

3. Why cheat can not be determined?

3. Because real people are voting with their computers. Chaotic location of IP addresses of our artists by country or countries. In some cases it is Europe or the US, but you can make the customer or Russia, CIS countries, USA, Europe, China (all together or can be a certain country). All traffic coming to the site where the vote is clean, from the search engines or from social networks. The status bar is inserted into your reference to the transition to vote, because there is no legitimate if your friends and acquaintances to support you in the voting.

4. Can you give a 100% guarantee that the vote has been counted?

4. Yes, We give such a guarantee, all the votes will be considered yours, but the removal of the votes the administration of the contest, we can not guarantee. By the nature of our activities and our experience, we know this – is “purchased” administrators and moderators, who will do everything to make their customer or shill won. On the Internet there are competitions where the top prize in any case, get a dummy parties, or that there is no prize at all, he just pictured so to take part in competitions on dubious websites is not desirable.

5. Have you come back the money if I want to stop at the stage of voting work?

5. Unfortunately, our work does not have a backstop, a refund is not provided or is not made part of the back of the order of less than 20% of the work. The work is done no matter whether you want to stop the vote or not.

6. Can I get my paid 500/1000 votes divided the whole period of the competition?

6. Can. All the details you need to talk with our staff in advance and leave your suggestions to the vote.

7. How can I be sure whether you are working with my rivals on the ballot?

7. Unfortunately, this information is closed. It is important to know, as a rule, we work only with the first to call the customer. The rest refuse, without giving reasons.

8. What is the minimum / maximum order you take?

8. At least that is received in the work is 100 votes. Maximum order – to 10 000 000 votes. (Depending on the type of voting – we recommend to discuss in advance how much of the maximum you need to).

9. What caused your prices?

9. It is important to know that prices can vary during the agreement – for example for large orders or very simple voting. For you to vote the real people who need to be motivated for the job. All votes are covered with advertising platforms. We pay $ 0.05-0.15 performers for them to support you and your work.

10. Is it possible to discount?

10. Yes: We are democratic and more customers are giving very good save and discount can be discussed individually for each client.

How do we promote your competition?

discuss promotion and tasks

make an order for promotion

discuss your desires for speed and deadlines

promotion of your project

finish the promotion and provide a report